Nibbles: The Book Monster

Longlisted for the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award Picture Book Category

WANTED: for crimes against fairy tales!

Fun, interactive and filled with humour, Nibbles the Book Monster is a must-have picture book!  Nibbles is utterly lovable, but he has ‘naughtiness’ written all over him! Monster by name and monster by nature, he chomps, munches, gnaws and nibbles his way from book to book. The reader is always one step behind this naughty little critter as they chase Nibbles through fairy tale worlds, lifting flaps and peeking through peep-holes, trying to catch up with him.  Children of all ages will be captivated by Emma Yarlett’s wonderful illustrations and the unique layout of the book (or should I say ‘books’ because with Nibbles the Book Monster you get 4 for the price of 1).

Nibbles the Book Monster creates an exciting opportunity to explore fairy tales.  Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Goldilocks and the Three Bears all fall prey to Nibbles’ nibbling ways and, by entering into each fairy tale land, he alters the story in an unexpected way.  Children could discuss how Nibbles has affected each story and, after reading some other fairy tales, could consider what would happen should Nibbles munch his way into those stories too.

At the end of the story, Nibbles is finally captured (poor Nibbles) and the books are safe once more… or are they?

Children are left with a hilarious selection of clues that may point to Nibbles’ next adventure…

This page alone could be the stimulus for many more imaginative and creative activities:

·         Who is Cousin Chomp?  Children can wonder what he look like and what he does.  Where does he live and what does he Chomp? Children could write a story about Chomp as he chomps his way through his favourite things.

·         Nibbles has left behind his imaginary cat (obviously he arranged for Gnasher to care for it).  He must have left some instructions for Gnasher on how to care for his cat.  Children could write a ‘how to’ guide for caring for imaginary felines.  They could extend this to consider how to look after a monster like Nibbles.

·         It looks like Nobbles is searching for the tastiest book!  What type of book would that be?  Through poetry, children could wonder about and imagine what different books would taste like… atlases, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, poetry, bedtime stories – what would they taste like to a nibbling little monster?

·          Nibbles has escaped so children could create wanted posters to help locate him and then, once he has been tracked down, design a trap with a detailed explanation on how to catch him. 

·         Drawing Nibbles is an activity that is sure to keep children engaged for hours.  With a fairly simple outline, children will be able to successfully draw his basic shape and then explore his facial expressions in order to show different moods, positions and stages of nibbling.

Although, for book-lovers like us, Nibbles is the stuff of nightmares, we have fallen in love with this delightful character and hysterical story.  So, as long as he stays where he belongs – in his own book – we think he belongs on every book shelf and in every school library (just don’t blame us if he goes nibbling)!

Nibbles the Book Monster written and illustrated by Emma Yarlett

Little Tiger    ISBN: 978-1848691933