The Colour Monster

Longlisted For the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award Picture Book Category

This book was part of a post about the festival of Holi earlier this year so its potential for work in RE has already been explored. 

It is a lovely story about a monster who has got in a real muddle about his feelings and is very confused. A child helps him to explore all his emotions, showing him what they are and how they can make you feel. 

Perfect for helping young children come to understand their feelings and discuss them in a non-threatening way, 'The Colour Monster' is a wonderful story. The vibrant illustrations are so child-friendly that they inspire children to express their emotions visually when they might not have the language skills to do so. Many older children would benefit from sharing their emotions in this way as well! The book offers a wealth of possibilities for art work and exploring vocabulary. Colour 'jars' could be created looking at different shades, tints and tones and the variation of strength of emotion could be explored using this visual representation. Letters could be written to and/or from the monster, offering advice and support. 

The book could also lead to discussions about why we associate certain colours with certain emotions and to exploring the significance of different colours in different cultures. Colour lends itself to wonderful poetry writing and exploring 'shades of meaning' alongside shades of colour! Many similes use white as snow... as red as blood... which could be explored, improved upon and created by children.

The pop-up version of the book is very high on my 'must have' list and this offers a whole range of creative possibilities as well as bringing the story to life in a very engaging way. Older children could explore another emotion linked to a colour and create a pop-up to go with it. The team work, collaboration and imaginative skills this encourages combined with the making skills (including all the maths skills needed for precise measuring and construction) make this type of lesson huge fun as well as rewarding. 

A lovely book to read and share- with everyone!


The Colour Monster  written and illustrated by Anna Llenas

Templar   ISBN: 978-1783704231