When change is good... Marcel by Eda Akaltun

Meet Marcel, the little New Yorker pup with a big attitude! Marcel and his human love living in the big city. They walk the downtown streets together every day enjoying their favourite places and spaces. The only good place uptown is the museum- full of bones! But one day, during a run in the park, Marcel’s human bumps into someone new. Marcel is not impressed when his human seems to find uptown increasingly appealing- and there is suddenly another human in his life... Marcel starts to accept the changes occurring in his life and soon realises that there is room for more then one special person- two humans looking after him means double the love!

This endearing new debut book by author Eda Akaltun is the perfect way to explore complex family relationships. Changes are a part of life and learning how to cope with them is really important. 

Marcel is an adorable character and many young children will relate to the anxieties he feels towards change. The book creates a perfect springboard for discussion about feelings, comfort zones and taking chances with new relationships.

As an illustrator, Akaltun has a gift for mixing vibrant printed illustrations and collaged images, making this book a real visual treat. Her home town of New York makes the perfect backdrop for this lively tale.

Possible ideas for use in the classroom include- explore taking a walk along a reader’s own streets, mapping and writing about favourite places and spaces. Thinking and writing about Marcel’s museum experiences in more detail- what would he see, smell and think about whilst wandering the exhibits? Readers could think about Marcel's next big adventure- is Paris calling? What might he find there? What new lessons will he learn? Readers in a classroom could explore the topic of ‘different being good’ by interviewing and talking to each other about the things that make them different- sports, hobbies, favourite foods etc. Classmates could find out more each other and hopefully come to appreciate how different can be good. 

Marcel by Eda Akaltan, Flying Eye Books, ISBN: 9781909263758.