Whose side is she really on?

Living in a Martian city, everyone dreams of returning to their ancestral planet. Bree is an ordinary teenager whose life changes when she is unexpectedly chosen as the fourth member of a mission to Earth. Usually an honour reserved for the highest achieving students, Bree is forced to ask herself why she has been chosen- and with good reason.

Once in the ruined remains of Cardiff, Bree discovers that things on Earth are not as those on Mars have been led to believe. Earth has been overpowered by a genetically created weapon-dragomansk- which are everywhere, constantly attacking. She starts to hear voices and see things that the others can't, but the most frightening thing is that she doesn't seem to be able to trust anyone...

This is a well crafted, pacey novel that reminds us to appreciate the beauty of our planet and to value it! There are two Cardiffs in the novel; a replica on Mars which is a poor substitute for the real one Bree discovers on Earth, although this is in ruins. It is refreshing to read a book with a focus on a city other than London (much as I love England's capital!)

Bree scores highly for 'empathy'- a skill which is not valued by her classmates- and the book is sprinkled with her poems as she has a way with words and loves to express herself through poetry. Through the novel, she learns to value her talent with words and her ability to empathise with others as these become essential skills for her survival. 

With strong characters and a compelling plot, 'Alien Rain' is an excellent young teen read which keeps the reader engaged and questioning to the last page. I look forward to the next novel by Ruth Morgan.

Alien Rain by Ruth Morgan

Firefly Press   ISBN: 978-1910080382