Longlisted for the Moving On Category of the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

Cameron, a stroppy, arrogant teenager, arrives unwillingly on an Arctic island to stay with his mother who is a research scientist there. He knows he will have to give up most technology, his friends, his city-living conveniences; however, he is not prepared for the endless daylight, the boredom- or the Inuit girl who no one else seems to notice.

Beautifully written, this book shows the importance of listening to others and their cultural beliefs. There is not a lot to like about Cameron at the outset of the book; self-centred and thoughtless, he represents western cultures and their lack of respect for the traditions and customs of others. Although there is a strong message about global warming and the consequences of human activity on the planet, the book does not preach, but tells a compelling story which explores family relationships, grief and hope for the future.

The language of the book is beautiful. Vividly portrayed landscapes sit comfortably alongside passages exploring the innermost thoughts of characters and the interactions they have with one another.

No one’s an island, Cameron. You, your parents, London, Qikiqtaruk, the whales, the guillemots, the living, the dead. We’re all connected. If one moves, we all move.

On top of this, the book has been illustrated by Chris Riddell whose delicate line drawings complement the text perfectly, underlining the vulnerability of the environment at its heart. 

This is a special read to be enjoyed by all- beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring!

Island by Nicky Singer, illustrated by Chris Riddell

Caboodle Books    ISBN: 978-0992938963