Letters to an author- the lovely Sharon Tregenza

5W have been reading ‘The Shiver Stone,’ at the end of the day with Miss Wilson.  When they finished the story, the class clapped – I think it is fair to say they loved it! 

Here are some of their thoughts:

‘Adventurous. Mysterious. Magical. This book really hooked 5W.  We were most curious about the lady with the scar on her back.  Why was she so interested in a cute little dog?  We all enjoyed the book so much that, every time Miss Wilson finished reading at the end of the day, we always moaned and said we wanted to hear more.’ Mia and Shay

‘I hope there is a ‘Shiver Stone 2’ because that would be really cool!’ Joe

‘’I think this book is suitable for ages 5 to 100.’ Alex

As a thank you, they wrote to the author, Sharon Tregenza. 

Sharon was so touched by their lovely letters and the beautiful artwork on the envelope that she has offered to do an author visit for the children.  What an amazing opportunity for them and all because they took the time to say thank you!

 We look forward to welcoming Sharon to High Down Juniors.  Miss Wilson will be first in the queue to get her copy signed!