Mad About Monkeys


This book is an absolute must for all those inquisitive minds with questions about monkeys. It is a delight to read and muse over. The illustrations and layout are so inviting readers cannot fail to get lost in the world of amazing monkey facts.

Owen Davey’s text is written in an informal chatty way, imparting all sorts of information about this wonderful bunch of primates, starting with the basic question of 'What Are Monkeys?' The reader goes on to learn about the differences between the old and the new world monkeys, their social life, discover that some monkeys are really quite weird looking while others have some quite unique skill sets. Owen Davey finishes with the effect deforestation is having on the world of the monkey and what we can do to help protect the forests and so preserve the habitat and lives of these fabulous creatures.

This is a fascinating, informative book. Each page is peppered with beautiful illustrations supporting the text, holding the readers attention.

School libraries would be mad not to have several copies of this book on their shelves, I know it is in high demand in my school library.

Mad About Monkeys  by Owen Davey

Flying Eye  ISBN: 978-1909263574