River of Ink


The first in a series of books, 'River of Ink' is a pacey, mysterious adventure story that keeps you turning the pages!

The book starts when a teenage boy is washed up from the River Thames. He has no memories. He doesn't know who he is, where he's from or why he was in the river. Unable to communicate, he draws and a symbol appears...

The characters in the story are all well developed and believable. You care about Jed (the river boy), wanting to understand his plight and to solve the mystery. The family he finds himself living with are not conventional, but are all the more 'real' for this, not just background characters. Strong personalities work together- or not- to uncover the truth about the boy from the river.

The settings of the story are captured perfectly. As I read, I recognised places I know, described clearly, but within the context of the story, making the action seem all the more real. There are also fascinating collage spreads throughout the book which add to the feeling of gathering clues as you progress through the story. 

'River of Ink' has so much to offer for a reader looking for the challenge of a more demanding plot with rich characters and plenty of action. 

River of Ink (Genesis Book 1)  Helen Dennis, illustrated by Bonnie Kate Wolf

Hodder Children's   ISBN: 978-1444920437