Under Water, Under Earth



This is a book to be shared and treasured. It contains a multitude of nuggets of information for the reader to unearth or dive into! 

The large format of the book just begs for it to be spread out on the floor and investigated thoroughly! Its landscape layout makes you feel as if you are indeed going beneath the surface of the water (from one end) or the earth (from the other).

Many of the pages could be used as a starting point for work in the classroom. The Hot Breath of the Planet, for example, looks at volcanoes with a cross section diagram filling the double spread. Notes identify the different parts and explain their functions in green bubbles whilst orange ones offer key facts about dormant and active volcanoes. A third set of bubbles (in yellow) give additional facts and information. The layout, text style and information offered on these pages alone would stimulate a great deal of work and discussion! 

At the Under Sea end of the book, there is a fascinating section about Our Ancestors Underwater- the early divers and the suits they used to enable them to explore under water. These pages demonstrate perfectly how the book is wonderful for exploring in its own right! The facts and illustrations work in perfect harmony. For reluctant readers, lovers of facts and those who struggle with lengthy sections of text, there is a wealth of information in easy chunks; for those who need to know more, the given information is just right to spark further investigation or research. 

Combining the beauty of a picture book with the  factual content of an encyclopedia, Under Water, Under Earth is a fascinating and absorbing read that can be dipped in and out of time and time again.


Under Water, Under Earth    

Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

Templar    ISBN:  978-1783703647