'A big warm hug of a book.'

This is a quote from Gill Lewis on the cover of 'Bus Stop Baby' by Fleur Hitchcock- and I couldn't agree more! 

Walking home from school with her sister, Eden, 13 year-old Amy finds a baby abandoned at a bus stop. She can't believe that such a thing could happen and sets out to trace the missing mother. However, as her search develops, she realises that things are not always black and white and learns to consider the vast expanse of grey between the two.

There are many stories about abandoned children, but this book considers the impact on the person who discovers a foundling. For Amy, it stirs up her own feelings of abandonment by her mother who left with the builder and is now living in Australia. Her quest also leads her to discover that her bus stop baby isn't the first baby to be abandoned in the village.

Beautifully written, the book explores relationships, trust and loss. The characters are rich and well defined, making their understandings and misunderstandings seem very real. Zelda (Amy's grandmother) is particularly well written and engaging, reminding the reader that families are as varied and different as the people that make them.

An excellent book for children looking for a challenge - something to think about and discuss- 'Bus Stop Baby' is a fantastic read which will stay with you long after it's finished.

Bus Stop Baby  by Fleur Hitchcock

Piccadilly     ISBN: 978-1471403507