Happy birthday to K.M Peyton!

I fell in love with the 'Flambards' books when I was given one as a birthday present. I longed to be Christina, to live in that crumbling old house, to learn to ride on the 'pink' horse. I loved the gentle nature of Dick, the stable boy and his way with horses; I was infuriated by Mark and his arrogance; I was fascinated by Will and his flying machines. I first read these books many years ago and it is a testament to their excellence that I love them as much today as I did when I first read them!

The characters and their setting are so real that it would be hard not to become totally immersed in their world which was (and is!) a million miles from my own life. The stories handle the outbreak of the war and the social changes surrounding this time skillfully- a history lesson with no teaching! I cried and cried over these books...

For me, the books ended perfectly with 'Flambards in Summer'. Although, I could understand how the events of 'Flambards Divided' would come about (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the series!), I didn't like what happened, but even that couldn't spoil my love for the series.

K.M Peyton has written many books - the 'Flambards' books are just four of them!- including her new title, 'Wild Lily'  (which is also a great read!), but for me, the 'Flambards' books are her greatest works! 


A very happy birthday to a very special author!