Russian Roulette

Longlisted for the Moving On Category of the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

International contract killer Yassen Gregorovich’s next target is the 14 year old MI6 agent, Alex Rider. Contemplating this mission, Gregorovich reflects on his own journey from naïve schoolboy growing up in rural Russia, his baptism of fire as that world ends in the explosion of a chemical plant, his stint in Moscow running with a gang of petty criminals until his kidnap by a brutal, corrupt business man and final fall into the hands of ‘Scorpia’ who train him to become the assassin that narrates this gripping, clever prequel to the Alex Rider series.

Someone once said that you can tell you are reading a good book when you stop hearing the words and just see images; Horowitz’s mastery over plot and language effortlessly allows this to happen, creating a totally believable back story for the assassin where the reader is ever present to understand Gregorovich’s mind and, more importantly, his heart.

From the very first chapter I was hooked. I worried. I shed actual tears. I was on the edge of my seat. I stole time from my daily chores so I could return to the exhilarating, vivid world of Yassen Gregorovich - I literally could not put this book down!

‘Action, Adrenaline, Adventure,’ as the book’s tagline promises, are not usually my thing. ‘Danger’ is definitely not my middle name (in fact it’s probably something more like ‘Cake’!) But I cannot deny that my view of this genre has been changed by this smooth, slick page-turner.

‘Moving On’ boys and girls, especially girls, please read ‘Russian Roulette’. You will not be disappointed. If you are like me and have never read an Alex Rider book before, you will quickly want to devour the series armed with your new insight into what is a recurring character.


Russian Roulette  Anthony Horowitz

Walker Books    ISBN:  978-1406352603