Let's get 'Smart About Sharks'!

So we have already been ‘Mad About Monkeys’ (and loved every second of it). Now it is time to get ‘Smart About Sharks!’ Owen Davey’s unique style, mixing his distinctive illustrations with detailed, factual writing, creates a real treasure every time!

This is a real page-turner, jam-packed with expert knowledge on the wonderful world of sharks. ‘Smart About Sharks’ maintains an expert voice throughout, never shying away from the scientific terminology and use of statistics, yet it is remains absolutely accessible to junior-aged children. The text is carefully organised into distinct sections with chapter headings and subheadings to help direct the reader. Its accompanying information is concise – not a word is wasted – and incredibly informative. Owen Davey presents the reader with utterly fascinating facts about these creatures and takes the reader on an unexpected journey to discover some mind-boggling things about sharks. I was absolutely engrossed and could not quite believe that all of these different sharks exist.

The illustrations throughout are created from simple shapes, block colour and pattern work. These would be easy for children to replicate in their own work, building the creatures up using geometric shapes and line work, then experimenting with the use of shading and pattern for detail. Using this style, children will have very effective results and could successfully illustrate their own work or apply the skill to drawing fish of their choice.

Owen Davey’s work lends itself perfectly to innovation. Through careful analysis of the organisation of the text and the language used, children could then write their own, focusing on a topic of their choice; this could be a different animal but the same skills would apply to any non-chronological report writing. The possibilities are endless.

Daft About Dinosaurs? Barmy About Birds? Loopy About Lizards? Whatever the topic of Owen Davey’s next book, it is sure to be a success. And I, for one, can not wait!

Thank you Flying Eye for sending us a copy of ‘Smart About Sharks’ to share and enjoy.

Smart About Sharks   Owen Davey (author and illustrator)

Flying Eye (publisher)    ISBN: 978-1909263918