YALC: we came, we bought, we ordered...

Having set off bright and early, we made our way to YALC. After following  a passing Ghostbuster, we found our way to Olympia where the crowds were gathering for a day of fun and frolics! There were blue people, green people, red people, Power Rangers, various Star Wars characters, Harry Potters galore- all making their way to the Film and Comic Con. We headed for the YALC entrance and up to level 2!

The atmosphere inside the hall was wonderful! Lots of like-minded people talking about books, sitting reading books, buying books. As we made our way round the publishers' stands, we spotted many familiar and friendly faces. 

Starting at the Barrington Stoke stand, we ordered copies of 'Alpha' by Bessora and Barroux. The ladies here were really lovely and we made our reading pledges. This is such a simple idea and one which can easily be used in school for teachers, parents, children- all community members to join in with. 

We also bought copies of Non Pratt's new book, 'Unboxed' which she later signed for us. 

We were delighted to see Penny from Firefly Press with an excellent range of titles. Their book, 'The Shiver Stone' made its way onto last year's short list and 'Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot' is on this year's long list. 

On the David Fickling stand, we were delighted to see 'The Nest', 'Corpse Talk' and 'Jessica's Ghost'- all excellent titles and all on this year's long list. I was also intrigued by 'The Call' which will be out in the near future!

And so the day went on. We met wonderful people from Hot Key Books, Electric Monkey, Hatchette and Little Tiger. We made many purchases, listened to talks, had books signed and bought more books. We chatted, we laughed- we had a great time!

We have many more books to read and review now- and will share those we really enjoy on the blog. Would we recommend YALC to others? Absolutely!