The Nest

Longlisted for the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award Moving On Category

Book Title: The Nest

Authors: Kenneth Oppel and illustrated by Jon Klassen

Publishers: David Fickling Books

ISBN: 978-1910200865

Steve’s life is ridden with anxiety- anxiety that he battles daily and tries to control with various OCD rituals.

When his very poorly brother is born, worry and sadness threaten to envelop Steve and his family, but the arrival of ‘The Nest’ and the eerie Wasp Queen seem to offer a solution to their problems…as long as Steve says ‘Yes’.

I’ve never trusted wasps and after reading Kenneth Oppel’s ‘The Nest’, I feel completely justified!

Beautifully strange, immersed in suspense and punctuated by Klassen’s dark and sinister illustrations, ‘The Nest’ is a powerful page turner that will make your flesh creep.

As well as being truly scary, the story asks some really big questions such as what we mean by the terms ‘perfect’ and ‘normal’ and whether the quest for such things is as evil as Oppel’s wasps that we see ‘regurgitating matter from their mouths and sculpturing it into baby flesh.’

Brrrr! Yes, unless you want a wakeful night, ‘The Nest’ is not bedtime story material, rather a superb moving on read with plenty of opportunity to discuss the allegorical themes and the effect of an unreliable narrator.

‘The Nest’ has earned comparisons with Gaiman’s ‘Coraline’, Almond’s ‘Skellig’ and Ness’s ‘A Monster Calls’ and definitely deserves its place amongst them and its nomination in the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award ‘Moving On’ category.