The perfect island...

On Wednesday evening, I made my way to the Bookshop of the Arnolfini in Bristol for the launch of Book Island, award winning children's publisher from New Zealand.

A friendly, lively crowd were gathered, all enjoying the lovely books on display. I was delighted by the quality of their books- I love the feel of the paper used!

Greet Pauwelijn is the  founder of Book Island. Full of enthusiasm and energy, she explained why she had chosen to bring her business- and her family- all the way from New Zealand to the UK. She sees Bristol as the perfect place to be - a friendly, vibrant city full of great people and great opportunities- the place to develop her publishing company. 

Book Island is committed to bringing the best picture books from Europe and translating them into English.  Greet spoke passionately about the quality of picture books in other countries that were not available to English speaking children and her desire to share these by creating the best translations possible. You can watch her video explaining more on the Book Island website by clicking the link below:

Greet also explained why Book Island is not yet looking for submissions for new titles as they wish to focus on those books which are already published, but in need of translation. Once established here, they hope to find themselves in a position to take on new works. 

Books from other countries have always fascinated me- I am often ashamed of the fact that my grasp of languages is not good enough to read books other than those written in English. I still visit bookshops wherever I am in the world and often buy picture books. I am delighted that we have a publisher committed to translating some of the wonderful titles on offer settling in our part of the country.

I bought some beautiful books which I am looking forward to sharing with my class and reviewing very soon.

Visit their website: