Happy Birthday, Sarah McIntyre!

Some people are born to stand out in a crowd and the wonderful Sarah McIntyre is certainly one of those!

Often to be found at Literary Festivals sporting the most incredible outfits that only she could get away with, Sarah is also well known for her friendly smile and great sense of humour- and of course, her amazing artistic talents!

Here at JAB HQ, we are great fans of Sarah's work and do our very best to support her 'Pictures Mean Business' campaign. For someone like myself who really wishes she could draw/ paint, there is nothing more inspiring than watching children having a go at drawing sea monkeys, pugs, mermaids etc with huge enthusiasm using Sarah's style to inspire them to succeed. 

Every time I read 'Oliver and the Seawigs' to a class, it takes us such a long time to get through! The illustrations demand attention and the children insist on passing it round for a closer look which inevitably leads to drawing and laughter! 

For those interested in comics and illustration, Sarah's website http://www.jabberworks.co.uk offers plenty of ideas and assistance. 'Vern and Lettuce' are huge favourites in my classroom- I need to buy a new copy for my next class as my last one (book, not class!) is getting very dog-eared! 

So- a very happy birthday to a very talented lady! Thank you for making us all smile!