Adventures in Illustration! Part 2

Having left the Illustration Cupboard, I made my way to King's Cross and the British Library. In the delicious cool of the air conditioned building, I was able to explore their 'Treasures of the Library' exhibition which I found fascinating. Handwritten lyrics by the Beatles, a copy of Beowulf, religious texts, musical works... so much to look at and admire. I really enjoyed seeing the section of 'Nicholas Nickleby' - my favourite of the great man's books!

I couldn't resist these...

or these...

but I resisted the temptation to buy one of these!

From there, I went to The House of Illustration to see the Quentin Blake exhibition. Granary Square was alive with children rushing through the fountains having a wonderful time! Everyone was really enjoying the sunshine.

'The BFG in Pictures' was fascinating! Some of the pictures were first designs, but were not published in 1982. The notes provide background on how final decisions were made, resulting in the figure we recognise as the BFG we all know and love  today. 

Another exhibition by Quentin Blake was 'Seven Kinds of Magic', the inaugural exhibition of the permanent Quentin Blake Gallery. This explored how Quentin Blake has depicted magic in his own books and those written by others, for example, John Yeoman.

The third gallery housed 'A New Childhood: Picture Books from Soviet Russia'. Including pictures by Chagall, this was a very different look at picture books and the thinking behind their creation. 

Outside the House of Illustration was Quentin Blake's Dream Jar, 'I Dreamt I Could Fly'.

From here, I continued my journey, planning to return for the next exhibition of Quentin Blake's work, 'The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots' which looks at his art work for the newly discovered Beatrix Potter story. Can't wait!