Adventures in Illustration! Part 3

Leaving Kings Cross, I made my way to Covent Garden where one of my favourite (non-book!) shops: The Moomin Shop!

Having spent a very pleasant (if hot!) time buying more things I don't really need, I made my way to Charing Cross Road. On the way, I found a few more of the BFG's Dream Jars.

Once at Foyles, I went to level 5 to see the Christina Balit exhibition which is inspired by mythological worlds.

Using a mix of watercolour, gouache, pencil and gold ink, Christina Balit has illustrated over 20 children’s books by hand. From Atlantis to Egypt, the Zodiac to Pompeii, her work brings life and colour to myths and legends from around the world.

The exhibition focused on twelve of her books and the original artwork from these. Each picture was beautiful and captured the scene perfectly. 

I love her paintings and was delighted to have the opportunity to admire each picture in the exhibition. Once home, I had to get out and re-read some of the books she has illustrated!

Having visited a few bookshops and tracked down a few more Dream Jars, I made my way home, having enjoyed my adventures in illustration!