Let's paws to celebrate some purrfect cat books!

Today is International Cat Day (who knew?) and as I am not allowed to get a kitten to celebrate, here are just three of my favourite picture book cats!

Slinky Malinki- Lynley Dodd

These books were such favourites of my boy when he was little! The rhymes are infectious and we knew them by heart...

Slinky Malinki

was blacker than black,

a stalking and lurking

adventurous cat. 

The richness of language and the brilliant illustrations, made the humorous activities of this mischievous cat come to life for us and make each story a must read- again and again!


Tiny (and Moonpie and Andre) -Viviane Schwarz

This book - and the other two involving these friendly felines - is SUCH fun! The cats are very appealing and each has their own well defined personality. Although a short book, I spent ages reading this with my niece as she wanted to interact with the cats at every step of the way. 


Max - Ed Vere

Max is a a kitten who stars in these heart-warming stories. The illustrations are beautiful- simple, uncluttered and so effective- and the stories charming and entertaining. Essential bedtime reading for any cat-lover!

There are so many others I could mention, but I have all the holiday washing, unpacking etc to do so I'd better stop there!

Doorkins Magnificat, the Southwark Cathedral cat.

Doorkins Magnificat, the Southwark Cathedral cat.

Happy International Cat Day to all cat lovers everywhere!