The magic returns...

I first read 'The Little Prince' in French when I was studying 'Vol de Nuit' for my French A-level and like so many others, fell in love with it. A 'book for children written for grown-ups', it can be read on many levels and enjoyed by those of all ages.

The story is continued by A.G Roemmers with illustrations by Pietari Posti. The Little Prince has grown up and has set off once again in search of answers. Found by the narrator by the side of the road, together they explore the values of friendship, family and compassion.

I could offer quotes from almost every page as the book overflows with wisdom and food for thought. The importance of taking responsibility for our own actions, blaming others for situations and keeping faith in your values are all considered and discussed on their drive across Patagonia (the same landscape which Saint-Exupery flew over).

Really, there's only one way of changing the world and that's by changing yourself.

A stimulating and moving book to enjoy in isolation or as a companion to the original, The Return of the Young Prince' is a book which makes you reflect on your life and values.


The Return of the Young Prince    A.G. Roemmers

One World Publications    ISBN: 978-1780749563