Subtitled 'A kind of counting book', Handstand is a delightful picture book which does include some counting, but is about so much more!

Edith is little, but bigger than she was last year. She likes handstanding a lot, but has only just learnt how. Through her attempts to improve, we learn about perseverence and practising until we get things right. In spite of worms, bees, spiders and other of life's complications, Edith sticks at her goal and finds creative ways of improving her skills!

The artwork is delightfully child-like, working perfectly with the 'handwriting' which almost sits on the lines of the pages opposite. Counting opportunities and the days of the week are built into the story as Edith improves her skills as the days pass.

An excellent read for story time, Handstand could also be used as a starting point in maths or PSHE sessions.

Handstand A Kind of Counting Book    by Lisa Stickley

Pavilion     ISBN: 978-1843653127