The Cat and the King- Nick Sharratt

When their castle burns down as the result of an 'Unfortunate Incident' involving a dragon, the King and the cat move to 37, Castle Close where life is very different.

Nick Sharratt is well known for his humorous illustrations for many of Jacqueline Wilson's books and his picture books like 'My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh'. 'The Cat and the King' is his first novel and it is a book to be noticed with its royal red lettering on the shiny gold background

Aimed at emergent readers, it is a delightful story, full of gentle humour and wonderful illustrations which are full of details to enjoy- you can find the King's old servants in their new jobs throughout the book, for example! Everyday tasks like shopping and laying the table are all new to someone used to having servants to help them and the King learns much, supported by his loyal cat.

This is a story of friendship-

'And what would have become of me, my dear friend, if it weren't for you?' he asked. 'You are the best companion this king could ask for, and I would be well and truly lost without you...'

                                         - but also a story about having to start again and learn new skills. And if that isn't enough, there is even a recipe for Royal Shortbread at the end! What a book!

The Cat and the King by Nick Sharratt

Scholastic   ISBN: 978-1407135083