Bold Adventures and Funny Tales!

'They are such an unusual combination- you'd never think they would be friends!' 

This was the initial response from one of my Reading Champions when asked to comment on the story and she wasn't just talking about the Dragon/Mouse friendship! 

Sir Mouse is a knight and she has the sword, armour and attitude to go with it. Dragon is far more patient and thoughtful, considering other possibilities whilst Mouse blunders on, not always considering the feelings of others. 

'Sir Mouse to the Rescue' challenges many of the stereotypical traditional characters. Mouse is female; the Prince needs rescuing; Dragon is kind-hearted and gentle; getting married to the 'handsome' Prince is not the 'happily ever after' for everyone.

'No,' says Mouse. 'I want to live happily ever after. But I don't want to be a Princess.'

The illustrations are lively and quirky. Patterned, almost fabric-like papers sit alongside block colours and pictures of paper cuts. The heavy black outlines make the characters stand out and really bring them to life!

The book was a great hit with the group of Reading Champions who looked at it. They loved the fact that it was different to the books they are used to and all enjoyed the adventures of Sir Mouse and her friend, Dragon. 


Sir Mouse to the Rescue   by Dirk Nielandt and Marjolein Pottie

Translated by Laura Watkinson

Book Island    ISBN: 978-0987669629