Can you solve the Egyptian Mystery?

Yesterday, I needed something to cheer me up- and this arrived! Books always bring a smile to my face and this certainly did.

I was so delighted with this beautiful book and the bits that came with it that, having read it last night, I couldn't wait to share it with my class. 

At lunchtime, I asked two of my Reading Champions to have a look and decide whether we should buy a copy for the library. The answer was a categorical YES!

'It tells you so much about Ancient Egypt- you learn without realising it!'

'It's informative and interactive!' 

'There's lots of information in such a fun way!

It is Thebes in the year 1255 BC. Someone is plotting to kill Pharaoh Ramesses II and it is up to the reader to stop them. Having chosen your outfit, your shoes, your hairstyle and so on, you set off on your adventure, solving clues and puzzles along the way. 

The book is bright and appealing. The Reading Champions liked what they called the 'basic' style of illustration, loving the bold blocks of colour with little details. One described the birds as 'little pops of colour in the sky'.

The photos do not do the book any justice and I promise to replace them as soon as possible!

This is a must-have for engaging children with Ancient Egypt, for combining fiction and non-fiction and for offering puzzle and problem solving opportunities! A great read!

Pharaoh's Fate  by C. Gautier and S Vernet

Illustrated by M Carpentier

b small publishing    ISBN: 978-1909767980