Fantastically Great Women

Another 'must-have' for libraries and classrooms, this is the perfect introduction to a few amazing women who have changed our world for the better. From Coco Channel to Agent Fifi, from Jane Austen to Rosa Parks, there is so much to learn from this beautiful book.

Each double spread is devoted to an amazing lady. The illustrations are wonderful; so much thought has gone into making the layout/ colour scheme fit the subject. Emmeline Pankhurst's pages are laid out in a newspaper style whilst Agent Fifi's looks like a case file.

Quotes from individuals and interesting facts add to the information and there is a varied selection of women contained in the book.

The message throughout is clear and positive-

They dared to be different.

and the book ends by asking the question, 'How will you change the world?'

Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World by Kate Pankhurst

Bloomsbury   ISBN: 978- 1408876978