An 'old' favourite!

It's Old Bear's birthday and his friends are working hard to make it really special! Elsie the elephant has painted an umbrella especially for him; enthusiastic and eager to help, she ties bows, blows up balloons and makes balloon animals, helps (or hinders!) with the cake decorating and blows lots of bubbles! Full of good ideas and being an elephant of action, Elsie is good at many things...but flying is not one of them! When a gust of wind leaves her needing to be rescued, she is glad of help from the playroom friends.

Created to celebrate 30 years of Old Bear stories, this latest addition to the series is just as lovely as the others. Jane Hissey's beautiful, detailed illustrations are as marvellous as ever and just have to be lingered over and enjoyed to the full!

All the familiar characters are in this story and the warmth of friendship between the toys shines through. Elsie is a great addition to the group, a good match with Little Bear size-wise and fitting perfectly on Old Bear's knee!

Perfect for sharing time and time again, 'Happy Birthday, Old Bear' would make a lovely gift for anyone!

Happy Birthday Old Bear by Jane Hissey

Scribblers   ISBN: 978-1910706725