Women in Science

I noticed this book when some lucky soul on Twitter was sharing a picture of some books they had been sent. Once I'd seen it, I just have to buy a copy!

As a teacher, this is such an amazing book to have in the classroom- both for children to browse and for teachers to use for reference. It covers women past and present from across the globe and their many contributions to science. It is an amazing read, full of quotes and facts. I have learned so much from reading it!

In addition to the fascinating content, the book is beautifully illustrated. Each double spread has a grey/ one colour theme which is attractive and easy to read. The bulk of the text is uncluttered with extra illustrations and information forming a border.

The contents page presents the 'fearless pioneers' in chronological order and a very clear glossary explains many of the scientific terms Additional 'women in science' have a brief biography at the back of the book, offering the potential for further research.

With this book, there is no excuse for our classes not knowing the names and contributions of women to science!

Women in Science- 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky

Ten Speed Press      ISBN: 978-1607749769