Arthur and the Golden Rope

'...because sometimes the greatest heroes are the unlikeliest.'

How do you enthuse and engage your new year 6 class about story time on day one of the new year? You share 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'!

From the gorgeous end papers covered in maps, symbols and pictures to the quirky illustrations, this book captivated even the most reluctant readers. There was so much to wonder about and enjoy!

The children loved Arthur triumphing over those who had no faith in him as well as the monster. They suggested all manner of stories about his voyage based on the double spread illustration. The concise text really appealed to many of them, but the story satisfied them all.

The pure joy of seeing groups huddled together, exploring the illustrations in more detail the following day, chatting with such enthusiasm, really set the tone for the beginning of the year! I hope there are many more in this series- each as captivating as this!

Arthur and the Golden Ropeby Joe Todd Stanton

Flying Eye Books   ISBN: 978-1911171034