Let Your Imagination Fly!

They say a picture paints a thousand words- and in this book that is certainly true.

Completely wordless, this lovely book takes you on an amazing adventure with a little black dog and the umbrella he has found. Each spread offers abundant possibilities for discussion, imagination and story telling.

The little dog flies over many different landscapes, facing challenges, adventure and dangers along the way. This is one of those books you could do so much with in school- or at home- to encourage description, building stories and character.

Each double spread is full of details to explore and discuss which could lead to all sorts of drama and writing. Why do the people in one picture feel so threatened by the dog flying over their land? What does the snow hare tell its children? What are the polar bears thinking?

The ending offers further possibilites as a little cat appears... So- let your imagination fly!

The Umbrella- Ingrid and Dieter Schubert

Book IslandISBN: 978-0994109859