Dinosaurs- in 30 Seconds!

My son used to love dinosaurs and had an extensive collection of books on the subject. I used to be quite the expert at spotting an Anklyosaurus  or or a Stegosaurus! The beauty of this book is it contains a wealth of information in one smallish volume.

Each spread contains a different area for you to learn about ...in 30 seconds!...with a 3 second summary at the end. Now, I'm not convinced about the timings- there's too much of interest to take in to do so properly at such speed!- but each section does offer a wonderfully concise round-up of the relevant ideas. The illustrations add more information, visually clarifying some points and do not dominate the book.

Glossaries are included at the beginning of each section, making sure that the relevant vocabulary is explained. There are also some '3-minute Missions' to be explored which allow children to 'call like a hadrosaur' or make 'DIY fossils'. The book really is packed with plenty to do, plenty to learn and plenty to enjoy!

Dinosaurs in 30 Seconds

30 Fascinating Topics for Dinosaur Detectives Explained in Half a Minute

by Sean Callery, illustrated by Sam Hubbard

Ivy Kids      ISBN: 978-1782403999