The Bear and the Wildcat

This beautiful picture book is about a Bear whose best friend, a small bird, has died. Full of grief, Bear shuts himself away from everyone until spring comes and he mets the wild cat whose music helps the Bear to remember the good times that he had with the bird. Now Bear can say goodbye because he knows he will always have his memories.

This is a powerful and moving story which looks at grief, loss and the loneliness of being without a loved one. It explores the complex emotions surrounding this experience- and yet it offers the hope of a new friendship- a new beginning.

The illustrations are wonderful. Presented in ovals, each beautiful pencil/ charcoal drawing supports the text perfectly, the soft, muted tones matching the mood of the story.

There is so much to discuss in this one little book, offering the perfect opportunity for discussing grief, death and life. A poignant story which is highly recommended.

The Bear and the Wildcat by Kazumi Yumoto, illustrated by Komako Sakai

Gecko Press     978-1877467707