Mr Tweed's Busy Day

Page after page of highly detailed and vibrantly coloured illustrations make this book a visual treat!

As Mr Tweed sets out for his daily stroll, he finds lots of friends in need of help with finding things. In each picture, the reader needs to find more and more items, cleverly hidden in each illustration.

The pictures are quirky and full of life- and hidden objects! And they are not easy to find! We still can't find all three of the mice in the library!

The book offers challenge and entertainment with plenty to discuss and enjoy whilst finding the missing items.

The story is simple and sweet- helping others is a lovely thing to do - and in this instance, Mr Tweed gets invited to a lovely party to say thank you for all his help. This is a great fun book- and there is another search-and-find adventure for Mr Tweed to come!

Mr Tweed's Busy Day by Jim Stoten

Flying Eye Books    ISBN: 978-1911171225