I love Plumdog! The first book of her adventures- Love Is My Favourite Thing- was wonderful and we reviewed it here. Her new book, 'Plenty of Love to Go Round!' is just as lovely.

When Sam and Gracie get a cat, Plum's world is turned up-side down. Even at the park, where she thinks she can forget the newcomer, Binky the cat appears. Fearing everyone will love Binky more than her, Plum is unkind to the cat, even though she knows it is wrong, until she realises that there is plenty of love to go round!

The story is a true delight in its own right- illustrations and text combing beautifully with all of Emma Chichester Clark's usual brilliance and talent- but it could also be used as a way of talking about and sharing those worries and jealousies that children have about new siblings, in friendships or with changes in family set-ups. Plum's insecurities are resolved and she realises her place in the family is secure, allowing her to open up to the newcomer!

Sure to become a firm favourite in classrooms and homes, 'Plenty of Love to Go Round' is a very special story with gorgeous illustrations.

Plenty of Love to Go Roundby Emma Chichester Clark

Penguin       ISBN: 978- 1782951483