The Everything Machine

What would you create if you suddenly found yourself in possession of an amazing, intelligent 3D printer? Sweets- yes! A swimming pool-yes! A copy of your dad...

When 11 year old Olly uses his dad's card to order himself a rabbit hutch (for the rabbits mum MIGHT be persuaded to let him have!), he finds himself with the wrong delivery. The parcel he gets contains a 'NASA BSA MOD prototype-cutting edge, one of a kind, 3D printing machine'.

Although he can print anything he desires, the only thing Olly really wants is his dad back so with his brother, Stevie, and sister, Bird, he decides to print a copy ...resulting in Dad-Bot, who might look like dad, but causes all sorts of meyhem!

Full of fun, computer games and adventure, 'The Everything Machine' is a really enjoyable read. Olly's family is loving, chaotic and individual; you care about each of them as they struggle to cope with the absence of their father/ husband in different ways whilst laughing at the antics they get up to.

'The Everything Machine' is a light hearted look at how a family save the world from global mayhem whilst coming together as a family.

The Everything Machine by Ally Kennan

Scholastic    ISBN: 978-1407138558