Huw Powell- Space Jacker extraordinaire!

Yesterday and today, three schools in our group were lucky enough to be visited by the lovely, Huw Powell.

Always inspiring, Huw told us how he grew up in a Somerset village and never dreamed he would become an author. He showed us pictures of some of the comics he drew and stories he wrote whilst at school, lying on his bedroom floor. He decided to take up writing as a hobby when he was older- and that's how things developed!

Huw read from his first book, Space Jackers and then later from his third and latest book, Space Jackers: The Pirate KIng. These are really exciting adventure stories; you can read our review of the first book here.


Using ideas from the children about spacewomen, spacemen and pirates, Huw gathered their thoughts and combined them to create their own Space Pirate, complete with name. It was wonderful! Bournville created Captain Jack Skull...

Mendip Green created Captain Bob Death Skull!

While Huw was signing copies of his books, children drew their own space pirates and started to develop their ideas about character. They really enjoyed themselves!

Many thanks to Huw for coming and inspiring our children!

Space Jackers                                           Bloomsbury     ISBN: 978-1408847541

Space Jackers: The Lost Sword                 Bloomsbury     ISBN:  978-1408847589

Space Jackers: The Pirate King                  Bloomsbury    ISBN: 978-1408847664