It's Hugging Day!

Happy National Hugging Day- have a virtual hug from me and all JAB members! And what better way to celebrate than by sharing another adventure from the wonderful Hugless Douglas.

In this book, Douglas wakes up (wearing some rather fabulous bee pyjamas!) to find a trail of sticky footprints across his bed. They lead him from his bed to his cupboard where he realises his honey is missing. Following the sticky trail, he finds the sheep who are collecting all the ingredients they need- including his honey- to bake a cake.

Food fights, baking treats and honey and hugs follow, making this book as delightful as Douglas's previous stories. At the end, there are instructions for how to decorate cupcake sheep and for honey cakes- perfect!

In this story, Douglas misses out on the cakes as the sheep get there first so he has to try some food WITHOUT honey. At first he's not keen, but soon realises that berries, nuts and carrots are tasty too! What a great way of trying to encourage children to try new things! If Douglas likes them..!

The illustrations are as wonderful as ever. Look out for the grass covered sheep- I love his expressions! The baking reminds me of cooking sessions with my son when he was little- so much mess, but so much fun! Hopefully, this book, its recipes and its wonderful characters will inspire some family cooking- and lots of hugs!

Happy Hugging Day!

Hugless Douglas and the Great Cake Bake by David Melling

Hodder Children's       ISBN: 978-1444919899