Kings of the Castle

This is such a lovely story about learning to accept others,  friendship and having fun.

George is determined to make the most of his playtime. He heads for the beach with his pet, Boris, to make a sandcastle to make any monster 'green eyed with envy' when, out of the sea, comes a stranger. Keen to be friendly, George tries to introduce himself, but with no luck.

However, with a bit of prompting from Boris, a bit of persistence and creative thinking, George realises that Nepo (his new friend) and he make a great team! The sea might eventually wash away their huge sandcastle, but their friendship is here to stay!

The illustrations in 'Kings of the Castle' are delightful. Soft tones remind us of the moonlight and the colours take us from dusk through to dawn, offering a wonderfully soothing feel. The fold-out double spread of their sandcastle is delightful! Each character is brimming with personality- and the story leaves so much unsaid, allowing the reader to imagine and story tell around the book!

Welcoming and accepting others is so important and this lovely story conveys this message so well. George and Nepo work together and create something remarkable. 'Kings of the Castle' would make a fantastic class read, but could also be used to inspire work in English and across the curriculum. A real treasure to share time and time again!

Kings of the Castle by Victoria Turnbull

Templar     ISBN: 978-1783702596