One for Sorrow, Two for Death...

Both these girls have exactly the same long red hair, the same blue eyes, the same lips pulled down at the corners. One face two times. Twin sisters...I bet even their own mother couldn't tell them apart.

Identical. But one is a monster.

I make the Sign of One.

Life on Wrath is harsh and brutal. Here, twins are feared as one will grow up normal and one will become a 'twist', a monster, who will be condemned to death.

When Kyle disobeys his mother and goes to the annual Peace Fair, he experiences first hand what happens to the Twists- an experience he finds disturbing and challenging to his deep held belief in the benevolence of the Saviour. Events at, and after, those at the Fair will change Kyle's life forever.

Suddenly, Kyle finds himself hunted by the Saviour's elite and in the hands of those whose motives are not always clear. The truth he uncovers could change everything forever.

'The Sign of One' is a compelling and powerful book which challenges the reader to think about prejudice, identity and loyalty. Skilful writing combines with gripping subject matter to produce a narrative which keeps you on the edge of your seat. In places, it is uncomfortably violent for those of a squeamish disposition (like me!), but Kyle's world is brutal and harsh so it is not done without reason.

The characters are strong and very well portrayed. Kyle is very engaging as he struggles to make sense of world he thought he knew and to cope with events as they unfold.

I stare in horror at the twist as it grovels and wimpers at the back of the cage. Okay, so maybe it is a monster now like they keep telling us...But it sounds human.

And then there's Sky. Strong, bitter- and yet vulnerable, she is a real survivor, in the thick of the action, fighting to change things.

The Sign of One would make a brilliant film, but (more importantly) is an amazing book. I cannot wait for the sequel, Into the No-Zone, which comes out in April.

The Sign of One by Eugene Lambert

Electric Monkey   ISBN: 978-1405277358

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