Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone

She's back! I loved 'Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret' (reviewed here) so you can imagine how excited I was when a copy of the new mystery- 'Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone'- landed on my doormat!

Rose and all her friends are enjoying booming business at Campion's Palace of Variety and Wonders and with Gandini, the Great Wizard of the North, soon to be topping the bill, things can only get better.

However, when the Star of the Sea (a priceless diamond) is stolen from the neck of the beautiful actress, Lydia Duchamps, during his performance, things start to go wrong. Is the curse of the diamond- known as the Doomstone due to its disturbing history- about to strike Rose and her friends?

Once again, Lyn Gardner weaves a tale of murder, deception and intrigue which makes entertaining and compelling reading. Victorian London is vividly described, from Newgate Gaol to high society, setting the scene for Rose and her friends' adventures as they solve the crime.

Rose is such a strong, intelligent character and her relationships with others are at the heart of the story. Confident, loyal and full of energy, the reader is also allowed glimpses of her more vulnerable side, making her a fully rounded character. Characterisation in general is a great strength of this novel with its pages full of well developed individuals.

I started 'Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone' with high expectations and was not disappointed. Now the problem is- how am I going to wait for her next mystery?

Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone by Lyn Gardner

Nosy Crow     ISBN: 9780857638441