Congratulations to Shirley Hughes!

We'd like to congratulate Shirley Huges on her CBE, announced in the 2017 New Year Honours List, for services to literature.

Shirley has written over 50 books and illustrated over 200 and well deserves recognition for the lifetime of stories she has shared with us all.

Born in a quite Northern seaside town, her wartime childhood was spent drawing and making up stories with her two sisters. Inspired by visits to Liverpool's art galleries, she developed an interest in narrative painting and honed her distinctive graphic pen and ink style. During her time at art school, she began to carry around a sketchbook in order to draw figures from her daily life.

Shirley's first illustrations were for the 'My Naughty Little Sister' series of books by Dorothy Edwards. She then went on to write her own series of books about 'Lucy & Tom'.

The characters in Shirley's books, including Alfie, Annie Rose, Lucy & Tom are purely fictional - a combination of children she has observed or inspired by members of her own family. Shirley builds her stories around everyday events and dramas that can be found in a child's world- a lost toy, a trip to the seaside or new boots!

In 1977, 'Dogger' was awarded a Kate Greenaway medal and during the 70th anniversary year of the award, it was named as one of the top ten award winning works. Shirley Hughes won a second Greenaway award for 'Ella's Big Chance' a classic retelling on the Cinderella story, set in the 1920's. She has received many more awards for her work over the years and in 1999, she was awarded an OBE. 

Shirley's artistic talent and charming stories have delighted children (and adults!) for many years- and will continue to do so for many more!

Many congratulations from all at JAB!