Guy Parker-Rees at the Bath Festival


What a brilliant time we had drawing, sharing stories and having fun with Guy Parker-Rees on Saturday! 


Best known for illustrating wonderful books like 'Giraffes Can't Dance', Guy was here to tell us all about another of his characters- Dylan! When his son got a striped sausage dog toy, Guy sketched a little character- and Dylan was born. Next, he did lots of doodles to create some friends for this loveable little chap!


Guy's love of drawing is infectious and he showed us pictures which he had drawn when he was young- the one above being very much like a dancing giraffe we all know and love which he drew more recently!

His advice was not to worry about mistakes when drawing- just enjoy it! Everyone followed his advice, creating their own characters with great enthusiasm whilst he wandered round admiring all the pictures and chatting to the artists!


Then it was time for a story and Guy read 'Dylan the Shopkeeper' and (a little later) 'Dylan the Teacher' with lots of joining in from the audience! Both are lovely books, full of the warmth of friendship and the joy of make believe, but my favourite is 'Dylan the Teacher'! I can't think why!

Right at the end of the session, Guy taught us how to make a Titchy Chick using some yellow and orange wool! You can watch a film of Guy showing you how to draw Titchy Chick here 

It was a lovely way to spend an hour! I will be reviewing 'Dylan the Teacher' soon.

Dylan the Shopkeeper Guy Parker-Rees

Alison Green Books (Scholastic)      ISBN: 978-1407166285

Dylan the TeacherGuy Parker-Rees

Alison Green Books (Scholastic)       ISBN: 978-1407171746