NSTBA 2017...we're nearly there!


On November 18th 2017, we will be celebrating our third book awards. We are the only book award that we know of which is organised, run by and voted for by teachers, TAs and school librarians. We all work in school full time and run the awards in the little spare time that we have!


Each book on our long list was chosen with the greatest care from a whole host of books which had been suggested to or gathered by the NSTBA team. The shortlist in each category was then the result of much debate and championing, friendly arguing and some sulking as we considered which books would be particularly great for using in school.


So votes are already rolling in, but we would love as many teachers as possible to be involved this year so here's how to get voting!

DJXAoCKXcAAjLfx (1).jpg

To vote in any category, you need to have read all the books in that group. Then send your votes via email to justaboutbooksnsomerset@gmail.com, awarding 4 points to your favourite, 3 to the next, then 2 and finally 1 point for your least favourite in each category except the Picture Book Category where you will award 6 points to your favourite down to 1 point.


All votes need to be in by 6pm on Friday 27th October. You can vote in one category or you can vote in all categories- you just need to have read the books and be in teaching! I'm sure you'll agree they're a wonderful selection!


If anyone would like to come to the awards ceremony, please get in touch! We can't promise there'll be room for everyone, but it's a lovely occasions and there's always lots of cake!