David Litchfield at the Cheltenham Festival


Today, I had the complete joy of seeing David Litchfield work his magic over a very enthusiastic and chaotic crowd at Cheltenham Festival!


Accompanied by his friend, 'Bear', David read 'The Bear and the Piano', sitting on the edge of the stage. Everyone enjoyed the story- and the music was wonderful!

David showed us how to draw Bear and then everyone made their own bear mask to wear. There were some fantastically bear-y creations and lots of fun had by all! 


And then the wild rumpus began... The Bear Band took to the stage! Everyone grabbed an instrument and played, danced and sang along! Parents were dancing their children around in the aisles! It was fantastic!

What a wonderful session- and a wonderful story!

The Bear and the Piano  by David Litchfield

Frances Lincoln  ISBN:  978-1847807175