Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SUPERBAT!


Last week, we all discovered our inner superhero with Matt Carr's lovely book, 'Superbat'. Children from our Year 4 classes gathered to enjoy the story and activities based on it.


Using collage, felt tips, fabrics- anything they fancied, the children created their own Superbat costumes. They loved doing this and chatted about the story and its loveable hero! 


Whilst they were doing this, they took turns to decorate their own bat biscuit! This got very sticky and messy- but very tasty!


The children also created their own superheros with lots of different superpowers, leading to great discussions about how special everyone is. It was wonderful to hear!


We finished with our traditional hot chocolate and marshmallows before heading home with 'Superbat' stickers! It was a lovely session with lots of positive feedback from teachers, parents and children.

Superbat by Matt Carr

Scholastic     ISBN: 978 1407172828

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