I'm Going to Eat this Ant

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Moaning about the fact that all he eats is ants doesn't stop the anteater from choosing a victim for his next meal! He then imagines all the ways he could eat his food whist the ant serves up a surprise of his own.

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Deliciously funny, 'I'm Going to Eat this Ant' would be a wonderful book to use in class. The pictures are seemingly simple, yet offer plenty to discuss and infer about the characters and their thoughts. 

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The text is a perfect recipe of alliteration, mixed with humour and a touch of silliness! The vocabulary has been carefully chosen and is brilliantly complemented by the wonderful illustrations! The story lends itself perfectly to innovation and adaptation!


The ant is not a willing victim in all of this and, whilst his foe is planning how to eat, his meal cooks up the perfect escape plan, leaving the anteater defeated by his own weapon. The final picture leaves the anteater looking very sorry for himself and considering a different diet, whilst the ants party!

I found a lovely YouTube clip of the author/illustrator drawing the anteater and the ant and then examples of children's work so I think I have found my next book group book! I love it!

I'm Going to Eat this Ant  by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Bloomsbury      ISBN: 978-1408869901