The Adventures of Pug

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Pug is all set for a new adventure. Accompanied by Running Footman Will, Running Footman Liam and Lady Miranda, he visits the local safari park, even though he is a little scared of lions.

Here they make some new friends, but also encounter danger. Can Pug save the day- and overcome his fear of lions?

Quirky and charming, 'Safari Pug' is the third adventure for our Puggy hero and his devoted owner. The story is full of gentle humour and the wonderful illustrations throughout add to the comedy. Pug has an amazing range of expressions, making him a very endearing character.

The large, clear font makes this an appealing choice as an early chapter book, yet the vocabulary offers a pleasing level of challenge. Good triumphs over bad and Pug is safe and ready for his next adventure. I wonder what that will be... (Something piratical- it says at the end of the book!)

Safari Pug: The dog Who Walked on the Wild Side

Laura James, illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans

Bloomsbury    ISBN: 978-1408866405

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