Lara Williamson at the Bath Festival


Vivacious and full of enthusiasm, Lara Williamson treated her audience to a wonderful session of fun and frivolity! She had us laughing, drawing and playing games.


She taught us how to draw Charles Scallybones and a snail called Brian (?), offering lots of advice and tips. 

Lara told us how she had spent much of her childhood listening to people telling stories (and eating biscuits!). This led to her gathering ideas which she wrote in her diary- some of which have ended up in her books! 'Write from the heart' was her advice- something which she obviously does!

In a session where Lara invited children to help her on stage - and gave them sweets!- had a whole table of props, played pass-the-parcel with questions (and more sweets!) and threw a ball to get the person who caught it to share their ideas, there was NOT a dull moment! Her energy, enthusiasm, sparkles (fabulous eye shadow!) and obvious joy in writing shone through. When she signed books, she drew several pictures in each one, chatting easily with everyone. Brilliant session- lovely lady!

A Boy Called Hope   Lara Williamson

UsborneISBN: 978-1409570318

The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair    Lara Williamson

Usborne ISBN: 978-1409576327

Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy Lara Williamson