Tomorrow is...National Kindness Day


Always hungry, the grumpy old Giant of Jum sets off in search of a snack- a boy named Jack his brother told him about. Instead of eating the children he meets along the way. he finds himself helping them. When the Giant finally meets Jack and declares his intention to eat him, the children won't believe that he is a nasty giant and offer him a tasty alternative!

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Perfect for sharing on National Kindness Day, 'The Giant of Jum' is a gorgeous book! Taking an original twist on 'Jack and the Beanstalk' with elements of 'The Selfish Giant', Elli Woollard shows that everyone can defy negative expectations and that kindness wins!

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The rhythmic, rhyming text is very engaging and repetition allows children to join in with the Giant...

Well, I suppose it won't hurt,

but soon, have no fear, I'll be back.

You'd be scrumptious if eaten with cream for dessert

Just as soon as I've gobbled that Jack.

The illustrations are fabulous- bright and colourful, cleverly emphasising the vastness of the Giant- the huge hand, which could so easily crush a child, delicately holds the ball between thumb and forefinger; tiny Jack perched on his massive finger and the Giant squinting to focus- without making him too scary. There are so many little details to smile over and discuss- I love the children standing on the pig waving a mouse tied to a stick in an attempt to get the cat down from the tree!

There is a 'How to draw...' the Giant of Jum by Benji Davies on the Guardian website, making it look so simple! What's not to love!  

A brilliant book for showing the importance of kindness and caring!

The Giant of Jum by Elli Woollard, illustrated by Benji Davies

Macmillan     ISBN: 978-1447254737