Paws Off My Book


Having found a new book, Olaf the giraffe can't wait to start reading. One after another, his friends try to help by telling him the 'right' way to read and Olaf tries to please everyone- except himself! In the end, enough is enough and Olaf heads off to enjoy his book in peace.


Thankfully, everyone apologises and this gentle giraffe decides the best way to read is... together! 

DSC_0008 (4).JPG

We all have our favourite places, times and ways of reading, often involving little rituals and comforts. Each of the giraffe's friends is so keen to offer advice that the book- the story- the most important thing- is lost in the process. 'Paws Off My Book' is an excellent reminder about the dangers of adopting a 'one size fits all approach' to anything!

The story is gloriously colourful with bright, bold spreads and quirky, humorous animals. Each page is full of fun with plenty of details to enjoy, including lots of comments from the animals. The perfect opportunity to try out all those voices!

Brilliant fun and about such an important subject!

Paws Off My Book       Fabi Santiago

Scholastic    ISBN: 978-1407171487